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Are UNC  Historically Minority, Medium, and Small Institutions, Students "the left behind" for lack of facilities to offer online courses during Pandemic; UNC Board Member Darrell Allison refer to as Socialist by fellow Board member for asking for funding for Minority Institutions
Michael J. Pippen, Sr.
 Board member Darrell Allison Chair of UNC Committee on Historically Minority-Serving Institutions and member of UNC BOG Budget and Finance Committee,  faced a stiff head wind from other members of the Committee and larger UNC institutions chancellors, in his attempt to secure funding from the UNC Repair Budget,  from the latter committee, to  provide monies for Minority, medium and small UNC Institution,  for  emergency generators to prevent those institutions from  having to shutdown pursuant local power failures. [Video]   UNC System

Online Program Strategy Executive Summary, for information only,  indicate UNC System serves a small number of full online students - only 28K, or 12% of student in the System as of fall 2018. [ Sept. 2019, Ed Plan Committee, Tyron Partners Report]   UNC Minority Committee Meeting Material Graphic  Video Report