Inside the Game:  MEAC 1995 KICKOFF   The occasion was the 1995 MEAC Football Kickoff held at North Carolina A&T  the first for Hampton football coach Joe Taylor as the Pirates  transition from to NCAA Division II to Division I athletics, the second  kickoff  for 2nd year  FAMU head coach Billy Joe,  in the company of  reigning football heavy weight Willie Jeffries with five MEAC football championships  under his belt. With no game to play that day,  coach Jeffries warm the gathering with Hampton ’s big old good’ems and good old big’em, spoke on the importance on special teams in competitive contest. Billy Joe citing Florida Classic and Homecoming losses in his inaugural season felt luckily to be back went on to speak to Strength and Conditioning to prevent injuries and decrease recover time for athletes Coach Joe Taylor  unambiguous  statement it’s your responsibility (players) to go to class there is no college in America built for athletics they were built for academics, you (the players) need to understand that. Photo: Billy Joe, Willie Jeffries, and Joe Taylor.