Hampton Sailing Team Serves as Liaison for Schooner Amistad America Tour
Bryan J. Harvey
Oct. 29, 2004

Hampton, Va. - The Hampton University Sailing Team will be adding their part to next weekend's Homecoming Weekend by the bay as they serve as the official liaison for the Amistad America tour through Hampton, Virginia. The schooner will be docked at the downtown Radisson Hotel just off the campus of Hampton University from November 4-10.

The Amistad incident of 1839 has been well documented over the past decade, inspiring books and a major movie event. It is the story of a group of Africans who were captured in Mendi (present day Sierra Leone), a part of the continent of Africa's western coastal region. These Africans were brought in chains to the Americas. They eventually revolted, captured their ship, La Amistad, and were ultimately seized off the coast of New England. The captives won their freedom in a case before the United States Supreme Court and eventually sailed back to their homeland in Africa. Amistad America (130-foot replica) is seeking to perpetuate the legacy of freedom that Amistad represents. The story not only embodies the American ideals of perseverance and justice, but also equality and freedom.

One of the legacies of the Amistad committee, which was formed as a result of the incident, was the formation of historically black colleges and universities, namely Hampton University. This unique connection that Hampton University has to the Amistad will give the HU Homecoming weekend some added meaning on November 6-7.

As the official host committee for the Amistad America tour, the Hampton University Sailing Team is asking for all interested parties to come out and witness this incredible event, as well as partake in a piece of American history. A special V.I.P reception will take place aboard the schooner on November 5 from 7-9 p.m. For more information on ticket prices and the schooner Amistad America, please contact Carolyn Grant (HU Sailing Coach) at (757) 727-5912.